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I lower my eyes because i feel no threat, not because i am inferior. Also, single guys, there is some advice at the bottom of this.

I hate going to the vets, to have the fur ball removed from my throat ;-)I am also DBS checked because of my profession. So I am looking to broaden my knowledge into this art further. So if they could kiss each other, or even if its just a few dirty looks to each other, it would make all the difference to me. My wife is bi curious with minimal experiance but who wants to gain a lot more. all 3 parties are to be involved and pleasured equally no favourites nobody left out.I am not a boring git, merely someone who will happily go to the pub for a laugh on a first date to break the ice, but would be willing to play the flirt game on your terms.I believe the secret to a great sex life is telling people what you like. We also have a hot tub set at 40 degrees with clean towels and robes. we have 2 play rooms inside the house with condoms and wet wipes provided.

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