Bausch lomb crystalens hd accommodating iol

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The results were 60% J1, 70% J2, 85% J3, 90% J4, 95% J5 and 100% for J6.The mean pseudoaccommodation, range of accommodation volume, and average of peak accommodation were −2.52 ± 1.56 diopters (D), 1.50 to 5.25 D and −3.25 ± 1.25 D, respectively.

This month we begin with a discussion of premium intraocular lenses, and have invited several distinguished ophthalmologists from Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami to participate.Visual sensations, such as starbursts and halos, are reported by patients receiving multifocal IOLs, and the degree to which these sensations are tolerated is highly variable.Some of these patients are so symptomatic that they seek additional ophthalmologic consultation, resulting in additional diagnostic testing and increased healthcare expenditures., the patients were evaluated with i-Trace aberrometer for measurement of modulation transfer function (MTF), point spread function (PSF), total aberrations, higher order aberrations (HOAs) at far and near and pseudoaccommodation.The pre and postoperative visual acuity at near and distance were also measured.

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