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Image Notes: Global Warming Observed in US Temperature Rise.

Climates vary naturally, so rising temperatures are not distributed evenly across the nation or over time.

The trends are undeniable: the Earth is getting warmer. was required by Congress to provide clear answers to these important questions.

● Impacts on ecosystems and livelihoods pertaining to water supply reliability and quality due to heavy flooding are expected to increase. Trend magnitude (triangle size) and direction (green = increasing trend, brown = decreasing trend) of annual flood magnitude from the 1920s through 2008. 201348) ● Increased heat and reduced moisture due to drought conditions are expected to lead to earlier and longer wildfire seasons.

● Rising temperatures and increased extreme weather events are already affecting societies and the environment across the nation.

Children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, and nature are especially vulnerable.

The green band shows changes over the last century due to natural forces alone, as simulated by climate models.

The blue band shows model simulations of the effects of human and natural forces combined.

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