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and see a list of all available products as well as the ones you're actively using.

You can then call different product endpoints to retrieve data.

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You can also customize parts of Link's flow—including some copy elements, the institution select view, and the background color—and enable additional features like the Account Select view straight from the Dashboard.

Due to that fact it can find similar images even if they are in different image formats and sizes.

Easy Screen Capture and Annotation lets you capture and annotate any part of the screen.

Plaid is processor-agnostic, but if you need help actually processing ACH payments, Plaid and Stripe have partnered to offer frictionless, tokenized money transfers—no need to handle an account or routing number.

Use Plaid Link to instantly authenticate your customer’s account and automatically generate a Stripe bank account token so that you can accept ACH payments via Stripe’s ACH API.

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