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Ans: disaster is a “sudden adverse event” that “claims many lives” and adds “more morbidity” by “disturbing socio economic and ecological equilibrium” of human interaction.Hazard is a “condition of vulnerability” that may turn into disaster.but when” floods” sweep out these settlements and claims lives we call it as disaster.to go with another example,-” fast changing climate” is global hazard.They are found over the largest surface area of the globe.Sedimentary rocks contain several layers but these are seldom crystalline rocks.earth quack- sudden shake of earth surface either due to “readjustments in earth’s layers” or due to “sudden energy release”( avalanches/ volcano explosion/ meteorite collision) can be called as earth quack.socio environmental consequences- Ans: Continental Drift theory had been proposed by Alfred Wegner in 1912, it talked about distribution of continents and the oceans.

3)CFCs (used as aerosol propellants, in industrial cleaning fluids and in refrigeration equipment) .Mode of origin: Igneous Rocks: solidified from magma and lava, Sedimentary Rocks: the result of deposition of fragments of rocks by exogenous process Metamorphic Rocks – formed out of existing rocks undergoing recrystallisation Different Nature of these rocks: They are rough hard rocks and water percolates with great difficulty along the joints.The igneous rocks are granular or crystalline rocks. The igneous rocks are less affected by chemical weathering Igneous rocks do not contain fossils. Sedimentary rocks are formed of sediments derived from the older rocks, plant and animal remains and thus rocks contain fossils of plants and animals.CAUSES- 1)Green house gases- The build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere during the 20th century has resulted from the growing use of energy and expansion of the global economy.Over the century, industrial activity grew 40-fold, and the emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) grew 10-fold.

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