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The global celebrations are an explosion of light and sound - involving bell ringing, lighting firecrackers, and watching traditional lion dances.

Chinese families gather together for a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, and clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune on New Year's Day.

Anyone born in an earth dog year will be communicative, serious, and responsible in the workplace.

The Chinese animal zodiac or shengxiao, which means 'born resembling', are arranged in a repeating cycle of 12 years.

According to the Asian astrology, your year of birth - and the animal this represents - determines a lot about your personality traits.

Although each of the 12 animals gets an outing every dozen years, there are different varieties - and 2018 will be the first year of the earth dog since 1958.

The 2018 Chinese New Year begins on Friday, February 16.

Here's how the Chinese clock works: Legend has it that, back in the ancient days, the Jade Emperor ordered that animals would become part of the calendar - and that the 12 who arrived first would be selected.However, the policy appears to be at odds with statistics on driving fatalities.A study titled 'Basic Characteristics of Road Traffic Deaths in China' published in January, revealed there were more than 67,000 people killed in road traffic crashes, including parking incidents, in 2009. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. And earlier this year as part of the Natural Beauty series, London-based photographer Ben Hopper recruited dozens of models and actresses to grow out their body hair with the aim of proving that they don't need to conform to expectations to be attractive.

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