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Jones was charged Monday with first-degree invasion of privacy, a felony. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m))(window,document,'script','// ga('create', 'UA-37551682-1', 'auto', ); ga('require', 'linker'); // List of every domain to share linker parameters.Harrell, a Georgia man who’s been serving a 6-year prison sentence after having been found guilty of animal cruelty and intimidating court officers in 2014.Harrell, a landlord, first got into trouble with the courts in 2013, when he cut off a tenant’s electricity after the tenant refused to pay rent or vacate the property.In another post, he posted the personal mobile phone number of Dodge County Court Clerk Rhett Walker, urging readers to call the court clerk to tell him to leave Harrell alone while he was “on the run,” so that he could enjoy his “chicken-foot eating victory.” Harrell also called Walker, telling him that if he didn’t lift the warrant by a given date, Harrell would “turn [Walker’s] world upside down,” and that “you know what will happen on Facebook.” The animal cruelty charge stemmed from a separate incident, in which Harrell put a dead cat in the mailbox of his ex-girlfriend and the mother of two of his children, Shirley Webb.He also called Webb and implied that he’d upload pornographic videos of her to an online site. All kinds of free hardcore porn can be found to satisfy the viewers needs. teens or even some lesbian action all easily accessible on this free xxx porn tube.Drown yourself in this large base of best adult movies you can find and see hardcore sex videos that would blow anyones mind.

Nonetheless, given that there was no sex tape, neither Harrell’s post about Graham nor the threatening call to Walker threatened actual violence, though both may have been “caustic and unpleasant.” From the court’s ruling: Lisa has been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995.

Harrell posted a threat on Facebook, telling Deputy Chief Clerk Tammy Graham that unless the warrant were lifted, he’d post a link to a (non-existent) video showing her having sex with him and two other men.

He also posted a claim that Graham had lied about Harrell having been served notice of a hearing about the accusation that he’d violated his duties as a landlord.

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