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In spite of my experience with sexting, talking dirty out loud was new territory for me, and I found it somewhat absurd initially. Before long I grew to think of myself as the Len Berman of our late-night sporting events, whispering a play-by-play into Dre’s ear that couldn’t have been any more exciting if I’d whipped out a vuvuzela. Once I saw the sexual potential of calling an audible, I became determined to apply the latest technology to the task, especially since Dre and I saw each other only once a week or so. However, it could also prove extremely annoying, especially if you're busy while other people in the group chat are free, bored and looking to cause mischief.

Facebook Messenger allows group calls already, but the same functionality could prove much more popular on Whats App, as the quality of calls made through it tends to be much better.However, they might not appear before the end of the year, as the features still require “a lot of development” and Whats App “has other priorities” right now.One of these priorities is believed to be the much-anticipated “unsend” feature, which will let you recall messages you’ve sent, within a five-minute window.The company announced Live Location tracking last week, demonstrating how it will work, with the aid of three graphics (shown below).However, the image in the middle clearly shows Whats App’s symbols for voice call and video call inside a group chat.

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