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It is illegal to record anyone in public without their consent.

The third is the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, America’s largest police union.But citizen recorders put themselves in legal jeopardy when there are fewer people around, and an officer is more likely to think his conversations are private.But this seems to negate the use of citizen recording when it would be most important as a tool to hold misbehaving police officers accountable.Anything they say during such a traffic stop is admissible in court."The officer having his gun drawn or being on a public roadway has nothing to do with it," Cassilly says. Graber said during the stop could be used in court. The test is whether police officers can expect some of the conversations they have while on the job to remain private and not be recorded and replayed for the world to hear." Last February, University of Maryland student Jack Mc Kenna was beaten by riot police after a basketball game.

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