Validating the destination file paths

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This is only intended for use when necessary for compliance with App Store policies.

) users will be signed out if they are currently signed in.

If any of these fields are being used server-side, please consider using the Code flow, or alternatively using the fields returned from POST parameters (see parameters below) or via HTTP basic authentication. Error occurred because the account doesn't have permission to access the resource. Your app is making too many requests for the given user or team and is being rate limited.

The Dropbox API explorer is the easiest way to get started making API calls.While this provides a human-readable error string, "error_summary" should not be used for programmatic error handling.To disincentive this, we append a random number of "." characters at the end of the string. If present, it includes a message that can be shown directly to the end user of your app.These parameters are passed in the URL fragment (after the # in the URL).Note: as fragments, these parameters can be modified by the user and must not be trusted server-side.

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